Members Guide to our Club Singles Ladder

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Monaleen GAA Tennis Club established our club ladder in January 2020 to encourage members to play singles tennis on a regular basis and promote fun social tennis throughout the club.   

We believe the club ladder is a great way for members to get to know each other and keep active.

New members are especially welcome to join the club ladder, as it is a great way for new members to become acquainted with fellow members and familiarise yourself with the club’s facilities.

We hope all members will play in the club ladder and if you have any questions or feedback then please let us know.

Enjoy your tennis,

Louise Mullen  &  Stephen Ruschitzko

087 1222249         086 2510154

Club Ladder Co-Ordinators


Club Ladder Member Information:

  1. Our club ladder runs over the duration of each calendar month and throughout the year.
  2. Players are committing to play 3 or 4 singles games each month. 
  3. We have a league for men and a league for women, noting any woman member can play in the men’s league, if they wish to do so.
  4. We will post new leagues and divisions as early as possible each month.
  5. We organise divisions into 4 players groupings and use 5 or 3 players divisions if needed.
  6. In order to spread the demand on court-time, we encourage all players to arrange your matches as early as possible in the month and complete all matches by month-end.
  7. Please let us know as early as possible, if you would like to join the club ladder or withdraw from the club ladder for the up-coming month and before month-end, so we can add or remove you in time.  Let us know via What’s App – private DM messages please.
  8. Note, all players currently playing in the club ladder are automatically included to continue to play in the upcoming month, so there will be no need to inform us that you wish to continue to play;  therefore you only need to inform us when you want to withdraw from the club ladder for the upcoming month.

Club Ladder Match Rules and Scoring:

  • Matches are played over 2 short sets, first to 6 wins the set, i.e. 6-5 wins the set
  • ‘At Deuce’, next point wins the game AND the receiver gets to choose the side to receive from.
  • In the event of 1-set-all, a third set ‘championship tie-breaker’ will be played, which is first player to reach 10 points wins and you must win by 2 points.  Normal tie-breaker rules apply regarding the order of serving, side to serve from and switching sides every 6 points.
  • Both players are awarded 1 point for each match played.  The player who wins the match is awarded 2 further points for a win.  Note, 1 point is awarded to the player who wins a set but didn’t win the match - so every set counts. 
  • Note, if a match is in progress and a player retires or was a no show for a scheduled game then the other player can take the win and enter in 2-0.  And for any un-played matches at month-end, those matches are to be left blank with no score and we will just move on to arrange next month’s ladder.
  • Please enter your score in sets (i.e. 2-0 or 2-1) into the e-booking court system via the 'League' link on the home page at, this link can also be found on our club website.  Go to your division and click on the empty box beside you name and under the number linked to your opponent and enter in the score.
  • At the end of each month, the top player from each division will be promoted to the next division and unfortunately the bottom player will be demoted to a lower division.
  • Note, where players in the same division, end up on the same number of points, then the winner of their match will be ranked higher and if those players were unable to play their match, then a simple draw will take place to decide the ranking for the upcoming month.
  • Each month, we endeavour to promote/demote the top/bottom player in each division.  Noting this may not always be possible, if other players withdraw or join the club ladder, impacting the overall number of players in the league, to choose new divisions from. 
  • Any queries or feedback on the ladder, do please let us know.
  • Remember our club ladder is to promote fun social tennis, so best of luck with your matches and enjoy your tennis!