Rent Out Our Ball Machine

Members can rent our Ball Machine for an hour's practice at a cost of €20 per hour.

No one to practice with, then why no try out our Ball Machine.  If you haven't used a ball machine before, we recommend that two players do so, as it's great fun and the ball machine won't tire you out, on your first go!

Our Ball Machine, comes programmed with various different drill options to practice many different shots.  You can control the height, flight, speed and spin of the ball with a remote control, putting you are in full control and it's very easy to use.  We will set it up and demonstrate it to you, allowing you to quickly get the hang of it.

If you would like to try out our Ball Machine and rent it for an hour, then please text or message Jennifer Colford on 085 7104935 and she will organise it for you.